1.  All Precious Metals Bullion Products offered by Wexford Capital Management are guaranteed to be authentic.

2.  The WCM Bullion Prices listed on this website are representative only and are subject to change based upon market conditions. Every effort will be made to post significant price changes (especially premiums over melt value).  As a result, the bullion broker cannot guarantee that actual quoted "ask" prices by telephone or email will match those listed herein.  A confirmed order from a client, with subsequent issuance of a WCM INVOICE, is required for "locked prices" per bullion product item to be provided by WCM.

3.  A specific quantity minimum exists for the various precious metal(s) being purchased.

4.  Due to the nature of the gold and silver bullion markets and supplier settlement requirements, wire transfers must be received within 36 hours of WCM price lock or WCM Invoice issuance.  

All orders are non-cancelable, since WCM makes a financial commitment to his distributor at the time of order confirmation
( See clauses #7 and #9 below).

5.  Payments may be made ONLY BY Bank WireALL FORMS OF PAYMENT IN "PAPER" FORMAT ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED BY WCM.  Our mark-ups over wholesale are too low to permit credit card fees.  

6.  Shipping and insurance charges, if applicable, are invoiced in addition to the final "locked price" for bullion product prices if the price quoted is not shown as "Delivered".  Storage and insurance after receipt of shipment is the sole responsibility of the client.

7.  All WCM Bullion Coin and Bar sales are final due to the highly variable nature of gold and silver bullion prices, notwithstanding the guarantee of authenticity for each bullion product sold


9. All Bullion Coin and Bar purchases from WCM are legally binding transactions upon client who herein agrees to compensate WCM for actual out-of-pocket costs to sell back "purchased" items to its distributors should client not fulfill his or her obligation to make timely and complete payment under these Terms of Sale.

10.  The bullion broker can not guarantee direct repurchase of WCM Bullion Coins and Bars, but will attempt the brokered sale of such material at the fee rates stated herein, market conditions permitting.  For both purchase and sale transactions, WCM's fee is currently 1.1% of the broker's wholesale value on gold bullion products, 1.7% on silver bullion products, and 1.5% on platinum-group bullion products.  The bullion broker will consider fee discounts for high volume clients.

11.  Delays in shipment of bullion product purchased from WCM sometimes occur due to a shortage of refined/minted product available throughout the bullion industry.  This type of situation is outside of the control of WCM, and for the purpose of this agreement, is considered “force majeure” without penalty to WCM.  Every effort will be made to expedite bullion shipments to clients, but it is the client’s sole responsibility to be available and to make every effort to receive shipment via carriers such as UPS Ground, USPS Registered Mail, or FedEx Ground when delivery is attempted.


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